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f.b.i. agent has been to the consulate on benghazi, because of security concerns. those are just some of the new and shocking information we have for you tonight on the rapidly evolving story. here is chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> reporter: two sources tell fox news that within 24 hours of the assault on the u.s. compound in benghazi, the evidence pointed to a terrorist attack carried out by al-qaeda. the u.s. intelligence community had strong leads to indicate the affiliate in north africa, working with a second group that ceased to establish islamic state. "no one believes that mortars and the rpgs were work of mob. no one. " >> it was a terrorist attack. >> reporter: asked when he reached the conclusion the defense secretary was vague. >> day after, or -- >> it took a while to really get the feedback from what exactly happened at that location. >> reporter: in addition to c.i.a. assessment before the
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acta, security in libya was deteriorating. in august, a defense department report on the rise of al-qaeda in libya there was another warning about islamic extremists and the potential for action. >> there was a thread of intelligence reporting that groups in the environment in western -- correction -- eastern libya were seeking to coalesce, but there wasn't anything specific. >> reporter: while the white house consistently cited the need for investigation to play out, fox news told 16 days after the attack there are still no f.b.i. agents on the ground in benghazi, because the security situation is too unstable. the chairman of the house homeland security says the statement smacks of pre-9/11 mind set. >> one thing we are supposed to learn on september 11 no, longer would we assume that these are criminal matters. but instead they're terrorists. terrorist attacks. >> fox news is told there was an internal decision to label or approach benghazi as a
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likely act of terrorism. this has concrete implications. by tieing the attack to al-qaeda, the affiliate or those who support al-qaeda, it frees up the assets under the authorization for use of military force, or the a.u.m.f. a point panetta seemed to hint at today. >> we're going to continue to go after those that would attack our individuals. and i think that remains the case here as well. >> while one source says benghazi seemed "pretty black and white" on the heavy level and coordination, fox news told three days after the attack the c.i.a. director david petraeus briefed members of the house intelligence committee. like the administration's public statements, petraeus espouseed a view that benghazi was a demonstration, prompted by the youtube video that spun out of control. this was "shocking" to some members who were present and saw the same intelligence as definitely pointing to a terrorist attack. raising questions about why it took the administration so long to acknowledge publicly what seemed to be well understood privately. finally yesterday, secretary of state clinton talked about
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the specific al-qaeda affiliate aqim that implicated in the benghazi attack. saying this -- >> for some time, al-qaeda in the islamic magrab and other groups have launched attacks and kidnappings from northern mali to neighboring countries. now, with a larger safe haven, and increased freedom to maneuver, terrorists are seeking to extend their reach and their networks in multiple directions. >> asked if the intelligence community cleared ambassador rice controversial claims about benghazi, spokesman for the national security council insisted her statements were consistent with the information available to intelligence community at that time. as for the use of the word spontaneous, administration official told fox the militants in benghazi saw the events in cairo, specifically the storming and overrunning of the embassy. that in part inspirespired the t or influenced them. >> bret: i'm hearing a lot of anger privately about these close door briefings between what lawmakers are hearing
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from intelligence sources, and what they're getting from the classified briefings from the top of the intelligence community. >> reporter: one of the elements of the reporting today i found significant when we heard from people in the house intelligence briefing from the director petraeus they were troubled how definitive he was that it was this youtube video. seemed to be backing away from idea of terrorism. this was completely inconsistent with the data that they were seeing at that time. they said to me this raised prodown questions about whether there was good intelligence and how it was being passed up the chain. >> bret: we'll stay on it. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: sticking with the middle east, leader to the flashpoint country in that neighborhood said iran will back down if confronted with clear red lines regarding its nuclear weapons program. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu flatly declared that diplomacy and sanctions have not worked. dade lee miller is at the united nations -- david lee miller is at the united
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nations. [ no audio ] >> bret: that piece is not ready yet. david lee miller is at the united nations. prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke there today. saying it was a clear red line that needed to be drawn to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. do we have david lee at the u.n.? we'll toss david lee. stand by, we have your piece ready. >> netanyahu warned the general assembly unless stopped an soon iran will develop a nuclear bomb. >> to understand what the world would be like with a nuclear armed iran, just imagine the world with a nuclear armed al-qaeda. now it makes little
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difference, whether these lethal weapons are in the hands of the world's most dangerous terrorist regime. or the world's most dangerous terrorist organization. >> netanyahu said iran might be only months away from producing the enriched uranium needed to make a nuclear weapon. using a simple graphic, he explained that there are three stages and that iran is 70% toward completion. >> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here. before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enric enrichment. mess to make a before iran gets to a point where it's a few months away or a few weeks away from amassing enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear weapon. >> former u.n. ambassador bolton said iranians have been threatened with a red line before and it hasn't worked. >> to me the concept of a red line has dubious effects. iranians have seen previous
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red lines ignored. >> netanyahu reminded the assembly mahmoud ahmadinejad this week questioned israel's right to exist. >> translator: what are the zionists? put a map of the world in front of you. iran has been around for the past 7 to 10,000 years. they have been occupying those territories for the last 60 to 70 years with the support of force. from the west. they have no roots there in history. >> netanyahu gave the general assembly a brief history lesson. refuting ahmadinejad's claims. the >> the jewish people lived in the land of israel for thousands of years. even after being most of the people were exiled from it, jews continued to live in the land of israel throughout the ages. we gathered the exiles, we stored the independence, we built the national life. the jewish people have come
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home we would never be uprooted again. >> israeli leaders says sanction, hurting the iranian economy were not slowing the clock on iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon. he warned not just israel, but the security of the entire world is at stake. >> given this record, of iranian aggression without nuclear weapons, just imagine iranian aggression with nuclear weapons. who among you would feel safe in the middle east? who would be safe in europe? who'd be safe in america? who'd be safe anywhere? >> despite prime minister netanyahu impassioned speech white house says it's not drawing red line whence it comes to military intervention in iran. i know the president couldn't find the time today to meet face to face with prime minister netanyahu, the white house says it's likely the two
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men will talk together tomorrow by telephone. >> bret: david lee miller at the united nations. thank you. much more on this with charles krauthammer and the panel coming up. right before rather netanyahu spoke, mahmoud abbas accused vaileisrael of ethnic cleansing. and said the palestinians will apply to the u.n. for nonmember state status. full membership bid failed last year. syrian rebels say they launched the most coordinated attack yet on city of aleppo. now they expect 700,000 refugees by the end of the year. increasing the appeal for donations. risky solar power venture backed by your taxpayer dollars. sound familiar? that is later in grapevine. 40 days to go until election day. which way is the economy heading? how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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>> bret: 40 days and 40 nights away from picking the next president. there is economic news tonight that won't help the incumbent but good news in latest fox news polls. for the third day in a row, both presidential candidates in the same state. today, virginia. we have fox team coverage. chief white house correspondent ed henry on the latest on economic growth. with ebegin with senior national correspondent john roberts and romney campaign in springfield, virginia. good evening, john. >> good evening, to you bret. when it comes to polls most candidates will tell you the only one that matters is taken on election day. if a poll is a snapshot in time, mitt romney has work to do. >> the hill leading to the white house remains high for mitt romney tonight. a new fox news poll showing president obama with a five-point lead nationally. 48-43%. unchanged from earlier in month and within the margin of error but a significant shift
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from before the convention. >> 136,000 jobs will be lost in virginia. >> if f the candidate is getting anxious, you wouldn't know it. as he hammered president obama as defense cut in looming sequestration of the american legion post. >> it's still a troubled and dangerous world. the idea of cutting our military commitment by a trillion dollars over this decade is unthinkable. and de stating. when i become -- steve dating anpresident wewill stop it. i won't cut money to the military. >> he picked support of medal of honor recipients tonight. last night in ohio, impromptu photo op, when a chartered sightseeing plane pulled up next to his. obama campaign tried to drive a wedge between romney and the reliable constituency today. i have a cuing him of threatening veteran benefit with the planned spending cut. romney threw it back at the
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president. >> given the need of the veterans how in world as commanderer in chief you could stand by as we shrink the military commitment is something i don't understand and i will reverse it. >> at the same time, romney campaign pivoted to another issue, big job losses in coal country. accusing the president of waging war against the industry. >> mitt romney supports coal miners. >> sharpened attacks reflects surging fortune for the president in virginia. the latest rcp average has him up more than four points. clearly wounded by the 47% remarks at the may fundraiser, romney is re-calibrating the rhetoric, insisting rising economic tide in romney administration would lift all boats. >> it's the middle class that is struggling under president obama. it's the middle class that will be hit by the 136,000 jobs lost in virginia. with the defense cuts. i'm fighting to help the poor and the middle class of the country. >> one other member on the fox news poll suggests that governor romney could turn things around. when asked whether the country should mostly stay on course
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or whether many policies needed to change, 73% of respondents said change. bret? >> bret: mother jones released another video. it says, shows governor romney in another bad light. 1985 video. mitt romney's discussing bain capital's business strategy that included buying stakes in undervalued companies and then eventually harvesting them at a profit. obama campaign jumped all over that word. what what is the romney camp saying about that? >> the romney campaign came out quickly after that and said this d. "in addition to starting new businesses, mitt romney helped build bain capital turning around broken companies, creating and saving thousands of jobs. the problem today is that president obama hasn't been able to turn around our economy in the same way." we should point out harvesting is a common term in private equity, as in harvesting the investment. a manager i talked to said it's not a bad thing because at that time you have grown a company and created an awful lot of jobs. bret? >> bret: thank you. the economy went from bad to
3:17 pm
worse in the second quarter. that is the take-away from the new gdp numbers. chief white house correspondent ed henry shows us how that impacts the obama campaign. >> with two new economic reports showing the recovery is slowing again, bad timing for president obama as he campaigned in military-friendly virginia beach and unveiled a new theme on the economy. >> every campaign season you hear a lot about "patriotism." you know what? it's time for new economic patriotism, rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. i won't pretend getting there is easy. >> today we learn that rebuilding will take even longer, after gross domestic product for the second quarter was revised down to an anemic 1.3%. orders on durable goods, items ranging from washington machines to aircrafts, plunged by 13 13.2%.
3:18 pm
the worst droop since the month the president was sworn in office. alan krueger, chairman of the council of economic advisors brushed it off saying the new data shows how bad the crisis was but we're making progress. krueger's predecessor said the opposite about the gdp in a january appearance on abc's "this week"? >> if it is growing less than 2% or thing goes wrong in europe he will be facing trouble. but we are somewhere right now splitting the difference. >> republican mitt romney's campaign pounced on today's numbers. >> eventually you are going to need an elec ron microscope to detect any growth at all in the obama economy. >> new fox poll shows romney is in the capitalizing. on the question who do you trust to do a better job on the economy, president edges him 47 to 46%. >> if i could sit down with you in living room or around the kitchen table here is what i'd say -- >> he unveils a new informal ad touting his plan and
3:19 pm
ripping romney. >> gor romney believe -- governor romney believes with bigger tax cut for wealthy and fewer regulation on wall street, all of us will prosper. he'd double down on the same trickle-down policies that led to the crisis in the first place. >> now the labor department has also revised upward the private sector jobs created by the president to 5.1 million. a hopeful sign that might be pulling the president up in those polls. bret? >> bret: okay, ed. ahh. numbers from wall street were a bit better today. dow gained 72 to snap a four-day slide. s&p 500 was up 14. the nasdaq finished ahead 43. still ahead, jim angle takes his slide rule to mitt romney's tax plan. first, are democrats losing some of their advantage in registered voters? greetings from the windy city of chicago.
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>> bret: democrats have traditionally had an advantage when it comes to registered voters. tonight correspondent doug mckelway reports the size of the advantage may be changing. >> don't boo, vote. don't be, vote. don't be, vote. vote. >> reporter: that of the repeated -- oft repeated line comes as democratic decline in some states. none more so than ohio where voter registration is down from 4 # 0,000 people from four years ago. 44% is in cleveland and surrounding cuyahoga county where democrats outnumber republicans 2 to 1. >> i think what we are seeing is spin and hype on the part of the obama campaign to try to make it appear that they are going to cruise to victory in ohio. but when you look at the number, nearly 350,000 of those voters, are the decrease in the roles in the three largest counties.
3:24 pm
cuyahoga, hamilton and franklin county. >> it shows the democratic voter registration declined in eight key states outnumbers the republican decline by a 10 the 1 more gin. florida, democratic registration is down 4.9%. in iowa, down 9.5%. in new hampshire, down 19.7%. >> it's understandable that enthusiasm is going to wane a little bit from the historic moment. you can only elect the first african-american president of this country once. >> dip in registration framed by some as the interrupt of republican efforts to suppress the vote. accusation which ohio's secretary of state cat gori goricly -- categorically rejects. >> it has to do with integrity. they can't point to a voter removed from the rolls. >> the study show the democrat lossset by gain in independent voters. >> there are half a million more independents now than there were just four years ago. >> but it's difficult to draw conclusions about how independents lean.
3:25 pm
in the words of the third way study author independents are "not a stable voting bloc at all." which makes pollsters' attempts to predict their thinking difficult. bret? >> bret: exactly. doug, thank you. florida has named 198 noncitizens illegally registered to vote. culmination of tumultuous search that started with a list of 180,000 suspects. it's not clear whether those named in the final count will actually be removed from the voter rolls before election day. >> bret: more of the tax dollars going to solar power company with friends in high places. something definitely smells fishy in a political column. explanation in the grapevine. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at red lobster.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. new solar panel company set to begin production today in oregon. story is familiar. solo power uses the same raw materials as the now defunked solyndra. another striking similarity. your money. solo power was given a $197 million government loan guarantee. solo power chief executive is trying to deflect comparisons to solyndra. he says demand for his product is high and the price is right. but one insider says, "there t risk is i don't want to say high, but it's certainly is there for this company to fail." the president of solopower donated more than $30,000 to
3:30 pm
president obama's 2008 campaign. the issue of energy is apparently a sensitive one for the president. the "washington examiner" reports clean coal advocates for banned from entering two campaign events this week. tuesday, supporters had their clean coal t-shirts, hats and signs confiscated at a rally in virginia, featuring vice president bite bite. thepresident -- vice president biden. the american coalition for clean coal electricity says this has been happening for months. rereached out to the obama campaign and have yet to hear back. finally, politico roger simon wrote a satire of vice presidential nominee paul ryan this week using this quote. "he has been marching around his campaign bus saying things like , 'if stench calls, take a message .'" he was referencing this quote in the "new york times" -- "if ryan wants to run for national office again, he will probably have to wash the stench of romney off of him."
3:31 pm
simon's fake quote, attempt at satire was not fully appreciated. in other words, everybody didn't get it. "new york times" columnist paul krugman wrote, "can i say that even though i'm not exactly a fan of mitt romney's, this is just bad behavior?" from liberal commentator taylor marsh, "simon's piece spread like wildfire and calling a gigantic ripple." they weren't alone. simon clarified in editor's note he believes paul ryan calls mitt romney something more dignified than "stench." both presidential candidates promise they will not increase taxes on the poor and middle class but will make a dent in the deficit. this evening we look at romney's plan which has been called mathematically by one group and the president and his campaign have been all over it. chief national correspondent jim angle gets out his calculator tonight.
3:32 pm
>> mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2,000. getting a tax break, $250,000 to multimillionaires. >> one might think from this obama ad governor romney is specifically proposing to raise middle class taxes by $2,000. but that's not true. in fact, he penaled just the opposite prompting one romney advisor to blast the notion. >> that is the biggest political lie i have ever seen in my academic career. it's not romney's plan to do that. there is nothing to suggest he would do that. pure fiction. >> $1.2 trillion in tax deductions are claimed every year. everything from home mortgage interest to hundreds of millions and more arcane deductions. romney pledged to lower taxes by 20% for everyone. keep it revenue neutral which the running mate described this way. if you close the tax shelters
3:33 pm
more income is subject to taxation to allow to us lower tax rate for everybody. >> much like what the bowles-simpson commission recommended. it shows the tax reduction they thought romney would cut and others he would not. no one auz available for an interview but the study concluded the romney evident, "would provide large tax cut to high-income households, and increase the tax burden on middle and/or lower income taxpayers." >> tax policy center said it was mathematical necessity that governor romney plan would raise taxes on the middle class. >> they make assumptions, haphazardly about what governor romney, would and would not be willing to cut to pay for the tax proposal. >> after the uproar over the ads, the center issued another document noting with some changes there is no reason why reform proposal, "would have to raise taxes" on middle class households. obama has, of course, do not mention that. analysts say romney could easily find enough cuts. one way to cap the amount of tax deductions the wealthy can
3:34 pm
claim. >> all of these tax benefits add up to over 2%. the biggest claim this you can take on your tax return is 2% of your income. >> if romney wanted to, he could just offer 18% cut instead of 20% or whatever fifths to keep re-knew-neutral. bret? >> bret: jim, thank you. we'll follow that. more breaking news tonight. california man linked to that anti-muslim film that has sparked at least some of the protest in the middle east is due in court at this hour. 55-year-old basalli naqualllah ordered to appear at preliminary bail hearing in los angeles. they want to know if the egyptian-born producer violated terms of his release from prison two years ago on a bank fraud conviction. he's prohibited from accessing the internet or using aliases without permission. we're learning more about what the administration did or did not know about the benghazi attack today. israel's prime minister talks about the red line for iran.
3:35 pm
fox all-stars including charles krauthammer next. bob...
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to understand what the world would be like with a nuclear armed iran, just imagine the world with a nuclear armed al-qaeda. there is only one way to peacefully prevent iran from getting atomic bombs. that's by placing a clear red line at iran's nuclear weapons program. where should a red line be drawn? red line should be drawn right here. before, before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. >> benjamin netanyahu explaining the three stages for iran to get a nuclear bomb saying that iran is 70% of the
3:39 pm
way there. as you heard him there, a red line has to be drawn. he did not meet with president obama. we're told he may have a phone call tomorrow. bring in the panel. judge andrew napolitano. senior judicial analyst. juan williams, columnist with the hill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. welcome back from yom kippur. you are finished atoning? >> i'm atone, clean, ready again. i'm glad juan is here so i can gratuitously irritate him and get the year off on the right foot. >> bless you, my son. >> bret: start with the speech and significance. what do you hear about folks from the importance? >> poom say israelis demand a red line but not explaining
3:40 pm
what it is. this has two parts. number one, if you stop iran there is only one way to do it. three stages, making of the fuse, weaponnization, and uranium enrichment. the first two stages you cannot hit or eliminate or hang out labtary in country. you can't stop it. you can stop uranium with way we had in the second world war for preparing for bomb in los alamos. that is number one. israelis say we have two red line. horizontal line is if you enrich me on 20% you're on your way to the bomb. we can't allow that. the second is even if you stop at 20%, if you do it horizontally and get a lot of that stuff, the iranians are halfway to get enough to make
3:41 pm
a bomb. if you go all the way to 200 or so kilos that you need, it's already at the red line. it's saying enrichment at 20%. contain the amount enriched at that amount. if you get anything or threaten anything it's enrichment itself, not the other aspect of the bomb. that is a clear red line. i don't think there is anybody who can say it's vague. >> bret: but the administration is not there. >> juan: not at all. the news that came out of the prime minister speech today, he thanked president obama for saying that the united nations wilunited statesfor saying we wa bomb. there is still time to talk. to your point the united states administration said we still think there is still an opportunity for diplomacy. what you heard from prime minister netanyahu today is that israel is not going to act unilaterally. they are, they feel they are in concert with the
3:42 pm
u.s. policy at this time. and that they feel that there is a need for the world. he spoke in global terms that the threat that it poses. it will spark an arms race to make the middle east totally tender box for terrorist. >> bret: judge? >> i thought the prime minister netanyahu made a brilliant and compelling, very, very scary case for containing iran. but i disagree with juan. he damned the president with the faint praise. it's obvious he doesn't want the president re-elected. obama has approval rating in the single digit in streets of tel aviv and jerusalem. i take a little different approach here. israel is a sovereign country. it doesn't need the approval of any international body to defend itself. if iranian use of nuclear weapons on israel is imminent under principles of the just war and international law, israel can destroy that on its own. >> bret: quickly, are we
3:43 pm
closer because of this speech to confrontation or step back because of what you heard today? >> i'm not sure it changes anything. only thing that would change the timeline is new decisions by the president of the united states. it doesn't look as if he is going to do anything before the u.s. election or perhaps even afterwards. i think in the end it will rest in hands of israelis. i think the judge's point is right. israelis are saying look, that is a redline. if you component want to honor it or put it down, at least allow us to go out and defend ourselves. >> bret: the other foreign policy story to touch on is the lead story tonight. the benghazi attack. we had sources confirming to fox today that the u.s. government knew in the first 24 hours it was a terrorist attack on the compound in benghazi. and that within the 24 hours had a good idea it was al-qaeda affiliated group that was behind it. there has not been an f.b.i. agent on the ground in benghazi in the 16 day since
3:44 pm
this attack. despite the fact we heard from administration officials that this investigation is ongoing. we heard from defense secretary leon panetta about this who always said today that was a terrorist attack. >> terrorist attack, as we determined the details of what took place there, and how that attack took place, became clear that there were terrorists who had planned that attack. that is when i came to that conclusion. as again, as to who was involved, what specific groups were involved, i think the investigation that is ongoing hopefully will determine that. >> a day after? or was -- >> it took a while to really get some of the feedback from what exactly happened at that location. >> bret: judge, your thoughts? >> it did take a while. first, my hat is off to you. not because you're the host and i'm the guest but because you are still a great reporter. you unearthed a lot of this
3:45 pm
stuff today. when we discovered that the f.b.i. has not been there in 16 days, that is reprehensible and inexcusable. it can tell you from my prior career you find evidence of criminal behavior and who was involved in the time period closeest to the crime. whether you call it a crime or act of terrorism. >> bret: the f.b.i. says the security concerns and they are concerned about the agents' lives and that understandable. >> very understandable. >> bret: but it brings question about why a u.s. ambassador was on the ground without proper security. >> precisely. the obama administration is largely responsible for the fact that the central government of libya is weak and cannot protect american or american assets and cannot protect the f.b.i. agents on the streets. the president won't admit that. instead he sent ambassador rice on all of the shows, two sundays ago, materially to deceive the american people about what was known when. governor romney should be shouting from the rooftops about this. >> tell you something, in the fox poll, 62% of the american people say it was a good
3:46 pm
decision for the united states to participate in ousting gaddafi. and the idea we somehow are responsible for the libyan government, we're still, there still supportive. we don't know all the details. this is an evolving story. that's why the good reporting is valuable. to somehow damn the obama administration seems premature. >> lookinlooking in the prison testimony they knew 24 hours after that it was a terrorist attack and believed it was al-qaeda and labeled it as such terrorist attack, the action and statements after the 24 hours an sunday show, susan rice come in to focus. >> not only do you have leon panetta at c.i.a. saying it took a while to get that information. >> bret: at defense. >> at defense. and you have general petraeus at c.i.a. saying you know what? when he testified it was not terrorism at that point. i think the intelligence is at fault if you want to say that.
3:47 pm
difficult environment. the intelligence, nobody intentionally deceiving anybody. >> bret: charles? >> question is not the wisdom of the libya operation. question is the honesty of the obama administration. this was deception on the part of the administration and sending susan rice to say this is spontaneous demonstration when you reported it was known inside the administration within a day it was not. it was a terror attack. why did they deceive? of course. the attack took place five days after the democrats had spent a week in charlotte. out thing, spiking the football on usama and since it's the only foreign policy achievement of four years they repeat it over and over again. the triumph over al-qaeda. in a week, al-qaeda sacks a u.s. embassy, kills an ambassador and administration did not want to admit it. it spent a week deceiving americans to think it's about demonstration and film. thinking i think correctly that if it strung it out long
3:48 pm
enough the media would let it slide. and now it's obvious and true, nobody will care, i guarantee you. this is not a headline in the mainstream -- >> bret: i'll point out that the president and secretary clinton spoke about this video at the memorial service to ambassador stevens and the other folks who came home in coffins at andrews. spoke about the video. today, secretary clinton -- or yesterday -- spoke about al-qaeda and all of the groups of the people responsible for attack in benghazi. it seems disjointed. now al-qaeda is behind it. >> two separate set of events. one is you have anybody playing politics here is the romney campaign seeking some advantage as they are struggling in the polls and looking at the foreign policy. >> bret: take -- >> having problems. but to your point, they are learning more as time goes along. i don't think there is anybody
3:49 pm
trying to deny anybody. it's al-qaeda affiliate. not al-qaeda per se. >> bret: we continue this and talk about the economy and the politics of the campaign when we come back. a lot to talk about today. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr. and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit.
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because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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>> bret: well, we can talk about the campaign many, many times we von a little bit left. thought we'd continue this discussion. you want to talk about the investigation. >> yeah. there are two parts of this deception. the first has to do with the fact that they pretended that it was a demonstration. and obama actually carried it on with the speech he gave at united nations, just three days ago. he spoke endlessly about the video, he denounced it at least seven times. as if that is what the issue is here. but the other half of the deception is every time asked
3:53 pm
a question about what happened on the ground, lack of intelligence and security and preparation, they deflected and say we can't answer because there is an ongoing inquiry. now we learn there isn't especially anybody, f.b.i. on the ground supposed to be conducting the inquiry. i think at every level, this administration wanted to suppression of the story because it went completely against its storyline of the great success it had against al-qaeda. >> bret: judge, this other part of the story, two navy seals were killed at the annex, this is a half-mile away from the consulate. >> right. >> bret: there were intelligence assets on the ground, according to the u.s. officials, that were tracking these al-qaeda affiliates. they were trying to keep track of rpgs and surface to air missiles and weapons of mass destruction possibly on the ground in lib yeah. they knew that al-qaeda was growing in strength on the ground in libya. these people who were on the ground. >> you know what the president doesn't speak about this, if general petraeus who heads the c.i.a. materially misleads a
3:54 pm
congressional committee in private, this is empore ror having no clothes. the administration will never conduct an investigation. result of which we'll know before election day. the administration cannot now admit its pollties over there have been a failure. got rid of a bad guy, strong man and replaced him with people worse than he is. mob rule who will kill the people and destroy our assets. even though we ought to have known they were there and they were coming. the administration's behavior is criminally negligent. >> bret: if you look back, juan, at all of the statements and all of the focus of the media after 9/11, focused on romney's statement about the cairo embassy and what he said for two days it puts in a different perspective after you learn perhaps the administration knew it was a terrorist attack from the beginning. knew it was a terrorist attack in libya.
3:55 pm
we have other countries at play, obviously, and egypt and other countries. video may have had some role to play. and may have been used to stir resentment and anger for political purposes to repress moderates. we should separate those out. i want to come back to what you talked about, the safehouse. that is a big story. it wonder if the administration and our intelligence folks are trying to slow down what the world knows about what was going on there. >> bret: we will continue to follow it. that is it for panel. stay tuned for more from the u.n. general assembly. a reason to look twice. the entirely new lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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morning, boys. , i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> bret: finally tonight. world leaders are gathered in new york for the u.n. general assembly. for some leaders the tradition of greeting the panel before their speech is tougher than for others. >> barack obama, president of the united states of america and to invite him to address the assembly. [ applause ] >> you sit in that chair under a shake hands with the panel and then you give your speech, one
3:59 pm
embarrassing moment, watch when mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> yes. thanks. that is it for this special report. fair and balanced and unafraid. >> shep: this is the fox report. developing tonight word that state department is pulling more staffers from our embassy in libya while more lawmakers demand answers on the attack that killed our ambassador. israeli prime minister draws the line, a red line on iran. plus, rescuing football. >> they should have never had them in the first place. >> shep: after weeks of bad calls the frustrated fans, the replacement refs

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